Thursday, June 25, 2015

Imaginary Connection

Tinted windows but I can still see the leaves
On the tree, trying to wave at me
I smell an odor that I think is mine
When it comes to cleaning, I don't have the time
I made my turkey sandwich that I crave
But I don't know it won't bring me a better day
I drink my water from a plastic jar
Wondering if you can see me from afar

What are you doing?
What do you do?

I'm tired but I cannot go to sleep
When I do, I wake up feeling like a zombie
But when you see me, you don't seem to notice
Acknowledging that filled me with such bliss
Now wherever I go, it's thirty acres
And we separate and hide in our personal craters
I walk with the sun shining in my eyes with yellow
Wondering if you had the guts to say hello

How are you doing?
How do you do?

You are so trapped inside your planet
And I know that I'll never have it
But does anything slip out?
A whisper or a shout
All I want to say is
How are you
What can I do
To talk to you

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