Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Floral Vest

Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

In honor of Justin Timberlake's birthday and baby news, I am sharing my favorite song and big hit by Justin Timberlake which is "SexyBack". He's bringing sexy back! (P.S. I dance to this every time I hear it...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl!

Happy birthday to one of the best rockers of all time: Dave Grohl! Everybody knows who Dave Grohl is but if you don't, you are way behind. He is the lead singer of Grammy-winning post-grunge band Foo Fighters and is known for being the drummer of the one and only Nirvana. He is turning 46 and I don't know if this is a present picture but he looks good for 46. I have actually seen recent footage of him and he pretty much looks like that so yeah, like I said, looking good! I wish him happy, happy, happy birthday and keep rocking and putting smiles on people's faces and good music to their ears. xxx

Winter Cash'

Black Bejeweled Collar

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me [Karaoke]

I don't care what you say about her: Ashlee Simpson is my hero! Not my top hero but still a hero to me. I have loved her for so long yet I completely ignored this song until last month. I love her music and I wish that she makes more. But whatever she's doing right now, besides being in a relationship with Diana Ross' son, I hope she's happy doing it which makes me happy.

Choking Up

This choker has to be my favorite necklace of all time!

I'm Not Afraid

I've been gone for too long so it's time to bring it back... If you do not know, that's a Ciara lyric, which should be ironic because I have a My Chemical Romance lyric on my shirt. Sorry I've been gone; I actually wasn't that busy. But I guess I was too buried in other stuff. Love my OOTD because I do!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post of 2015

This was my OOTD for Christmas; it's kind of late but since it's winter break, I thought I should've save it. Happy new year! It has only been one year but everything has been pretty much the same. I hope something really positive comes along later, a positive change for all of us. I got a My Chemical Romance T-shirt (Oh yeah!) along with CDs by Gerard Way and Frank Iero (old members of My Chemical Romance). I shall treasure these items for the rest of my life. It's too late to wish a good Christmas but I can wish a good year... even though I'd already did that. But I mean it: have a good year. At least a year better than last year. I'm going away now...