Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Dress Like Laura Marano

Her character on "Austin & Ally" dresses in a more bohemian, vintage type of way with a dash of summer and girly-girl. An article helped me out on how to dress like her so I am going to help you how to dress like her!

  1. Laura's character likes to wear a lot of skirts so lots of skirts! If you're not a "skirt person", pants and shorts will do.
  2. Wear fabrics like cotton, denim, silk, rayon and lace.
  3. Laura's tops usually consist of tank tops, dresses, blouses and tees tucked into her skirts. Over them, she wears cardigans, shrugs, jackets, and vests.
  4. For pants, wear tailored or denim shorts, leggings, "jeggings" and flared jeans.
  5. Laura always wore brown boots on her show. So wear shoes similar to ankle or knee-high leather boots. Pair them with white or lacy socks.
  6. As for accessories, she wears vintage jewelry like a long beaded necklace.
  7. Patterns consist of tiny features like thin stripes.
  8. Colors consist of muted, bright or pastel colors.
  9. Avoid black and punk clothing. Go for delicate and girly clothing.

And that is it for how to dress like Laura Marano (or at least her character as Ally Dawson). If you want to read more, go to Hope this helped or inspired you!

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