Friday, January 31, 2014

My Dear Cardi-Sweater

This is the OOTD of yesterday. I don't know why the editor made these pictures look bright. I guess I'll have to deal with it. But I got these in more sooner than later and I am happy. So I hope everyone had a nice day! Peace!

Christina Aguilera - Your Body

Not one of my usually rock videos that I post every month. But I freakin' love this video! I haven't heard this song in a year! I was watching a Cher Lloyd video on YouTube and I saw this as one of the thumbnails on the side. Suddenly, the memories started blooming. I am in love with this song and the video and I don't care if I continue to listen to this song for twenty years! The video is so colorful and fun and I recommend this to any of the girly-girls... if you also like rainbow murder. (You have to see the video to know what I'm talking about; it's still fun!) 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bejeweled In Black & White

Jeans: City Streets; Shoes: N.Y.L.A. [from Bare Feet]; Jewelry: LoveCulture
Hello, people of the world. This OOTD was from yesterday. Actually, it was the outfit I wore on Monday. My computer has been acting up so I couldn't put these in soon enough. I'm lucky I'm even making this now. But, hey, it's all good. I just need a new computer.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Candy Punk

Jacket: Boom Boom Jeans; Tanktop: Miley Cyrus Max Azria; Tee: Blue Axes; Shoes: Adidas (from Bare Feet)
Happy Monday! This is not my Monday OOTD. It is actually my Friday OOTD. But I will soon put up the Monday one. Hope everyone had a good day!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marching In Cowboy Boots

Happy Thursday? Anyway, this is my 100th post on this blog. And that is weird to me because I felt like that I didn't make so many posts. But the dashboard doesn't lie so this is my 100th post. It's not perfect but this is my choice. So I hope that everyone had a nice day today! I'll catch ya later!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello, Hello Kitty

Shirt: Hello Kitty by Sanrio; Blazer: Forever; Shoes: Bare Feet

Leaves in the Winter

Jacket: Jenni; Boots: Bare Feet; Pants: Almost Famous; Shirt: New Look

Purple Corduroys

Shirt: Dots; Pants: Legging; Boots: Bare Feet
Hello, world! This OOTD is actually late. I have taken this on last Monday but since today is Monday, Happy Monday! And Happy Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday! Plus, I'm going to put up the rest of the OOTDs for school since I don't like wasting photos.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence

Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence: Where You Want to Be

I can't believe this video is not on YouTube. What stopped people from putting this up? Whoever puts this video on YouTube one day will be my superhero. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this song if you haven't heard this yet. Since it is not on YouTube, it is in link-form connected to (*cough* who doesn't put enough music on the channel anyway *cough*...). 

The All-American Rejects - I Wanna [Lyrics]

Ah, The All-American Rejects... Such a great band. They have the perfect songs to listen to during the summer... even though it's winter. But every time I hear a song from them, it makes me want to go to the pool. (Okay, that was weird.) But I do love them and this is a good song so the world to have a band like The All-American Rejects. 

How To Edge-ify a Girly Shirt

Have a girly-girl shirt or tee but you dress more on the edgy side? These instructions will help you dearly.

  1. Cover it up. You can hide some of the details with a long jacket. If you want to show it off, you can wear a dark-colored cardigan or a black motorcycle jacket open. Open collared shirts work well for a tomboy look or you can wear a black blazer to keep it sophisticated.
  2. Try metallic accessories. Metals are very edgy, depending on the style using it. So you wear metallic chains and spikes to toughen up the shirt.
  3. Pick out what's below it. Pants help dress your top very easily. Instead of blue jeans, try black or dark skinnies. Maybe your jeans can have some tears on it or have some bleached features. Want to wear a skirt? Wear a black miniskirt since black is always edgy and miniskirts give your tops a bad girl feel.
  4. Watch your shoes. Shoes make a statement to your outfit. So when picking out the right pair of shoes, try tennis shoes. You can wear converse, which is really popular, or some grungy tennis for a rough look. Like boots? Wear black combat boots or at least some tight, leather ones to make you look like a boss.
And that is how you can make a girly shirt look more edgy. I hope this written tutorial helped you. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

All Time Low - A Love Like War (Feat. Vic Fuentes) (Official Music Video)

Happy New Year!... Even though it's the 3rd. Heh-heh! Sorry for posting a teensy late but it's okay because my way of starting my first post in 2014 is with a music video. I love All Time Low and even though they have a high fan base, I think that they should get noticed more. They make really good music and I am lucky to listen to them. Plus, I think that Vic Fuentes make amazing vocals in this song. So I hope you enjoy this. If you don't or just don't want to, don't worry because more posts are on the way!